Work with Jennifer Kammeyer to improve your communication in high-stakes situations.

  • 1:1Executive

  • 1:8Team

  • 1:24Workshops

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  • Story Creation

    Morphing myriad of data points into a cohesive narrative

  • Presentations

    Creating compelling, visual slides in a memorable story structure

  • Leadership Communication

    Learning new skills to uplevel your engagement and reputation

  • Video Rehearsal

    Perfecting performance through realist dry runs

  • Training Workshops

    Many topics to choose from for improving communication skills

  • Funding Pitches

    Developing captivating presentations to persuade financial audiences

  • Media Training

    Increasing positive, accurate coverage in national press

  • Keynote Preparation

    Gaining confidence and charisma for dynamic public speaking

  • Crisis Communication

    Making the best of a tough situation by using excellent communication

  • Technostress Management

    Curtailing stress from technology with new productivity habits


Jennifer Kammeyer applies over twenty years of experience helping leaders improve their reputations and their businesses through effective communication.  She offers her guidance for executives 1:1, for teams, and through workshops.

Companies work with Jennifer in times when communication is critical such as raising funds, improving leadership, launching new endeavors, interacting with the media, holding company meetings, delivering sales presentations, and managing crisis communication. Jennifer has advised hundreds of leaders on advancing communication skills for public speaking and for organizational improvement.

Jennifer advises leaders and conducts workshops on all aspects of communication from public speaking to team building to conflict resolution to mindful executive presence. She also teaches Leadership Communication and other courses at San Francisco State University, has conducted empirical research on presentations that increase audience learning, and has authored a textbook chapter, entitled Presenting with Technology, in Human Communication in Society, (3rd custom edition).


“Works well with others” Required

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Achieve Grandiose Goals

“If you take a step-by-step perspective, then you will not get discouraged in accomplishing something grandiose.” Matt Gamache-Asselin, Co-founder and CEO of ScriptDash, a modern pharmacy. Speaking to my Leadership Communication class at San Francisco…