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Jennifer Kammeyer

to improve your communication in high-stakes situations


Frame your story in a narrative and make it audience enticing.


Make your presentation visually compelling and memorable.


Perfect your delivery to maximize engagement.

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Story Creation

Human beings love stories - it is in our nature. Jennifer walks you through the steps of changing your stream of information into a story that your audience will love. Her straightforward technique makes articulating key messages in a narrative a smooth process.

Morphing myriad of data points into a cohesive narrative


Jennifer moves your story into a visual presentation that engages your audience and increases their learning. Visuals are both logically and emotionally appealing, and research shows that people learn more when presented with words and pictures simultaneously.

Creating compelling, visual slide in a memorable story structure

Talking Points

What are the best words to use to tell your story? Jennifer sifts through the possibilities and guides you to focus on the phrases that are most compelling and still sound natural. You can then tell your story with or without a visual presentation.

Determining the very best words to convey your messages

Video Rehearsal

Everybody has his or her own speaking style with strengths and weaknesses. Jennifer bolsters your strengths and gives you actionable suggestions for improving your weaknesses. Plus, watching yourself on video is a powerful feedback tool.

Perfecting performance through realist dry runs

Training Workshops

Entire teams can improve communication, presentation, and delivery skills by taking a workshop from Jennifer. Workshops are always customized and can include lessons and activities on story telling, presentation creation, speaking skills, team building, and working with the media.

Improving communication skills with interactive exercises

Funding Pitches

Raising money requires a well-articulated proposition. Jennifer assists you in culling necessary facts and data into a story structure and visual presentation that is appreciated by your audience.

Developing captivating presentations to persuade financial audiences

Media Training

When you are meeting with the media, putting your best foot forward is a must. Jennifer helps you hone your content and your style. She teaches you how to make sure your message is heard, while simultaneously meeting the needs of the media to get the press coverage you desire.

Increasing positive, accurate coverage in national press

Keynote Preparation

Speaking in front of a large crowd takes talent. Jennifer guides you to speak in a confident and comfortable manner so that your audience enjoys themselves while also assimilating the information and story you have to share.

Gaining confidence and charisma for dynamic public speaking

Crisis Communication

When things don't go as planned, quick and open communication is critical. Jennifer works with you to create a strategic plan and to execute that plan in a timely manner. She ensures that written and verbal communication is intentional and in sync across the entire organization.

Making the best of a tough situation by using excellent communication

Audience Research

Effective communication is always audience-centered. When you need to know more about your audience, Jennifer conducts research through surveys and interviews. She summarizes the results in a meaningful manner so that your communication can be more powerful.

Discovering specific audience needs and preferences

Jennifer Kammeyer applies over twenty years of experience helping leaders improve their reputations and their businesses through effective communication. Companies work with Jennifer in times when communication is critical such as raising funds, launching new endeavors, interacting with the media, holding company meetings, delivering sales presentations, and managing crisis communication. Jennifer has coached hundreds of executives on delivering presentations to such varied audiences as a few critical decision makers to large crowds and mass media.

Jennifer provides a variety of services centered on telling a story accompanied by a visual presentation for the most effective delivery. Jennifer conducts workshops on all aspects of communication from public speaking to team building. She also teaches communication at San Francisco State University, has conducted empirical research on presentations that increase audience learning, and has authored a textbook chapter, entitledPresenting with Technology, in Human Communication in Society, (3rd custom edition).

Jennifer holds a Master of Communication Studies from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor of Management Sciencefrom University of California, San Diego.

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