Holiday Shopping; a Physical Experience
I know today is Cyber Monday and there are plenty of good shopping deals floating in the cybersphere, but I just can’t seem to engage. To me, holiday shopping is still a physical experience. Standing in front of Target at 5 am on Friday has a feeling to it. A feeling of being with others. A feeling of being part of a larger American cultural experience. The tense feeling the the air. The push from a fellow shopper anxious to get to the ‘door buster’ deal before you do. That is a physical experience. Somehow the click of the keyboard just isn’t doing it for me. Maybe next year.

It All Comes Down To Communication.
This article in the New York Times about bankers and their verbal faux pas, is just another example of how so much of business comes down to communication. Those who communicate well, are rewarded, those who don’t are scrutinized. Sometimes it helps to listen to the experts tell you how to communicate better. But sometimes just doing the obvious, such as apologizing honestly, is all it takes.