Your Look Commands

Speech recognition technology has come a long way.  I now use Dragon Dictation on my iPhone to send texts to others.  It is as least as accurate as my touch typing.  It is refreshing to have a different way to interface with technology.

The future holds yet another way to interface — with our eyes.  It sounds straight out of an action flick to me, but there are prototype computers with eye-tracking technology that move the cursor based on eye movement.  “Pointing with Your Eyes, to Give the Mouse a Break” in the NY Times gave details on this technology.

The computer prototypes are a joint effort between Tobii Technology and Lenovo. Real versions won’t hit the shelves for about two more years.  According to the article, eye tracking technology has been around for awhile and used for people with special needs.  The innovation it to make it practical and cheap enough for mass consumption.

I look forward to trying  it out (pun intended).