Required for Every Job

Picking up a prescription yesterday I was reminded that communication is required for every job.  The ability to communicate well with others is a must (or at least an asset) in almost every job I imagine.  After I had purchased the medication, the very friendly sales person told me that the pharmacist would ‘consult’ with me momentarily.  My friendly, happy-customer interaction went down the tube from there.  The pharmacist did not speak English well, he looked at the bottle and mumbled to me incomprehensibly.  I attempted to ask a question, but found it was futile.  He may be a really good pharmacist in terms of knowing medications and dispensing them properly, but he was a very poor communicator.  If part of his job is to ‘consult’ with patients, them he needs to learn to speak in an articulate manner.  Just another reminder for me that communication is so important.